Sir Robert Watson-Watt radar work to feature in new book

Sir Robert Watson-Watt, who was born and raised in Brechin, is featured in a new of World War two book, written by two retired Rolls-Royce Aerospace engineers.

David Coles and Peter Sherrard have written a book based on the battle of Britain, entitled “The Four Geniuses of the Battle of Britain”, which looks at the work of four men whose contributed significantly to the war effort

The work of Henry Royce, Sydney Camm, RJ Mitchell and of course Watson-Watt.

Royce was responsible for the development of the merlin engine which powered the Spitfire and Hurricane aircraft.

Sydney Camm is credited with the design of the Hawker Hurricane, which destroyed more Luftwaffe than any other type of aircraft.

RJ Mitchell designed the Spitfire, one of the more famous aircraft of the era, which enabled Hurricanes to do their job more safely.

Watson-Watt, of course, was the father of radar, which allowed British forces to intercept German bomber raids.

A spokesperson for the publishers behind the book, Pen and Sword Ltd, said: “Had it not been for the vital contributions of the four men featured in this book, the Battle of Britain could not have been won by the Royal Air Force.

“Each of these brilliant men contributed enormously to the aircraft and equipment upon which the gallant RAF fighter pilots depended to take on and defeat the hitherto overpowering Luftwaffe during Hitler’s European onslaught.

“This book provides an intriguing new approach to the Battle of Britain story.”