Student bids for published book

A former Brechin High School pupil is hoping a children’s book written for a college project can become a published piece of literature.

Gillian Annandale, who is currently studying Computer Arts at Dundee and Angus College, produced a 34 page illustrated children’s book about the adventures of Loki and Floyd - a cat and 
dog duo.

The story was produced as part of an art and design project, and it featured in an end of term exhibition at the college. It is currently available to the general public as an e-book.

Discussing the reason behind producing a children’s book, Gillian, who lives in Friockheim, explained: “The Art and Design Project brief which we were given at college was so open that you could pick something you maybe wouldn’t be able to do ever again. I chose a children’s book as I have a young niece Paige, who will hopefully be getting it read to her frequently.”

The book centres around Loki (a dog) and Floyd (a cat) who are trying their best to get to Australia to sample the delicious delicacies it has to offer. The animals themselves were inspired by Gillian’s own pets. She said: “Loki the French Bulldog, and Floyd the Persian Cat are both family pets, who have these amazing, human like personalities. I loved making them into cartoons, and have them show the personality they have naturally. I hope they have even more adventures in the future.”

The book is already available to the general public as an eBook on Amazon for £2, with nine copies sold so far. Gillian continued: “Hopefully when it’s physically published it will sell lots more!

“While the eBook is currently available on Amazon, I haven’t as of yet found anybody to publish the book. I just don’t know enough about publishing to know the best place to go. I’d love to see it in a book store someday, perhaps with a bit of merchandise too.”

The book is all Gillian’s own creation, including the colourful illustrations, and took several months to complete. She added: “They were hand drawn first, then created and compiled digitally. I counted up about 150 images including backgrounds, characters, and props for the book. It took about four months.”

Gillian is also keen to continue her writing, explaining: “I’ve always been an avid reader and creative writer.

“I am a massive fan of Garfield Strips, and love character creation, so having the chance to make this book has been a fantastic experience which I would like to 
keep going!”