Titanic wreaths made in Brechin

Pictured with the six wreaths are, from left: Provost Ruth Leslie-Melville, Sandra Andrews and Kathy Calderwood.
Pictured with the six wreaths are, from left: Provost Ruth Leslie-Melville, Sandra Andrews and Kathy Calderwood.

A busy Brechin florist, having been in business in Brechin for five years, has been asked to make wreaths commemorating the centenary of Titanic’s ill-fated journey in April 1912.

Sandra Andrews of Sanpado was asked by Tim Silcocks, editor and membership secretary of the British Titanic Society if they could make six wreaths for the commemorative event, with each wreath being placed in various locations across Southampton.

“I did Tim’s wedding flowers and from then we have stayed friends,” explained Sandra.

“They were not happy with some of the wreaths they have had in the past so they asked if I could do them this year.”

On each of the wreaths were biodegradable cotton labels with the White Star Line logo on them, created by Janice Stewart of Notions of Brechin.

The six wreaths are for: Milvina Dean’s grave - Millvina Dean was the last living survivor of the Titanic. She was a nine-week old baby at the time of the tragedy and along with her mother and brother escaped the sinking liner in Lifeboat 10. She lost her father in the disaster.

Engineers memorial - Their incredible devotion to duty meant they maintained electrical power on the ship until just a few minutes before the end, sacrificing their lives in the process.

Musicians memorial - Wallace Hartley and the other musicians remained professional and, although placed in an impossible situation, did their very best to calm and soothe terrified passengers.

Stewards’ Memorial - Found within the ruins of Holy Rood Church the heroism and devotion to duty of the stewards will never be forgotten.

River cruise - A biodegradable wreath will be dropped into the water during a 90-minute cruise that will replicate the start of Titanic’s one and only voyage.

A wreath will also be placed on the Titanic memorial at Dock Gate four.

“We had white in every wreath because of it being for the White Star Line,” continues Sandra.

“The flowers are tight at the moment but will be in full bloom when they are placed.

“We use a lot of Colombian flowers because, unlike Dutch flowers, they last and they are Fairtrade.

“Every grower who changes from drugs to flowers receives a clinic, schools and housing.”

Having worked at Eggo’s of Brechin for many years, Sandra puts down her success to her boss and mentor during that time, Sandy Eggo.

Delighted for the Brechin business was Angus Provost Ruth Leslie Melville who said: I think it is very exciting and extremely good for a small company here in Brechin to be selected from the many to provide the wreaths for such an auspicious occasion.

“Brechin retailers work together is a message that is coming forward at the moment. This is why we can see a resurgence in the businesses in Brechin because they are working together.”