Transition Town seminar

A SEMINAR hosted by The City OF Brechin and District Community Council on Saturday, February 9, which discussed ‘Transitions Towns’ sparked a lot of interest and a small group got together after the seminar to look at ways of promoting and developing ideas generated from the seminar (for more information see next week’s Brechiner).

The group agreed to propose a resolution to the next meeting of the community council for it to consider forming a Brechin Development Trust as a mechanism to find funding to develop ideas and promote events.

The informal group agreed to organise two fun events which would be used to bring more people together to find out what it’s all about.

The first of these - a Cuban Evening -will take place on Friday, April 5, in the Northern Hotel.

Arrangements for live Cuban-style entertainment are in the very early stages and more details will follow as they are firmed up.

There will be Cuban-themed nibbles, and the bar will be able to provide Cuban-style cocktails and non-alcoholic cocktails.

The admission cost will be kept as low as possible to encourage as many as possible to attend. Please put this in your diary and await further details.

Transition groups focus on finding ways to shift away from our dependence on oil, and towards the creation of strong communities where people find ways to live life more locally, create low energy solutions and make the places we live feel more vibrant, exciting and rewarding in the process.

For more information about transitions, visit