Two new e-books by prize-winning author

Montrose writer, Chris Longmuir, who won the Dundee Book Prize with her first novel, the best selling Dead Wood, has published two new novels as e-books.

Dead Wood was a dark crime novel that many of her readers described as scary and her new book, Night Watcher, is in the same mould.

It is a story of two very different types of stalker. One is a woman seeking revenge, and the other is a disturbed individual who is no stranger to killing.

Both books are set in Dundee and feature some of the same police characters. However, her most recent book, A Salt Splashed Cradle, is a departure from dark crime. It is a historical, family saga set in Craigden and Invercraig, a very thinly disguised Ferryden and Montrose.

“I decided to give them fictional names because that allows me to take a few liberties with the geography of the area.” exaplined Chris.

The new books, which are only available in an electronic format have proved popular with Kindle readers, and are regularly popping on and off the Amazon best selling charts.

“It depends on selling patterns,” said Chris.

“Sometimes they are in the charts and then they slide off again.

“Night Watcher has climbed as far as number 22, and I would love it to rise higher.”

When asked about the reason for opting for electronic publishing for her new books, she said: “Publishing is going through a bad time just now and the future seems to be the electronic route.

“In America e-books have been outselling traditional books since the beginning of this year, and they say the UK is two years behind the US, so I can only see a steady rise in this market.

“Besides, Amazon’s Kindle e-reader is rising in popularity, even the supermarkets are selling them now.

“I would be foolish to ignore the opportunities that this provides for an author.

“The other thing, of course, is that I have a fan base in this area and I would hate to disappoint them by not publishing my new books.”

Chris’s books are available for Kindle, Sony eReader, and Nook. They can even be found in Apple’s iBookstore for the iPad.

All details can be found on Chris’s website