Warm welcome for councillor in Sauze

Sauze D'Oulx is in north west Italy
Sauze D'Oulx is in north west Italy

Councillor Bob Myles has described the Italian village that it is hoped to twin Edzell with, as a welcoming place following his first trip to the area.

Councillor Myles went on a personal trip to Sauze D’Oulx from February 19 to February 22 with his wife Agnes.

The village, which is a popular ski resort, is situated in the north west of Italy.

Speaking about his visit, councillor Myles said: “We were warmly welcomed by Mayor Mauro Meneguzzi. He persuaded us to try some of the local delights, and I have to say the food was excellent, and the wine was very good.

“I was even persuaded to give snowboarding a try. They said it’s for young people, and I’d have to agree with that. After two lessons, I won’t say I mastered snowboarding but I definitely mastered how to fall. I’d maybe try it again though.”

He continued: “The hospitality was excellent. The place was very clean and tidy, and even though they had numerous tourist staying in the town, they made everyone feel very welcome.”

During his stay, councillor Myles met with the woman in charge of education and schools in the area. He said: “I handed over a handbook from Edzell Primary School, which gave an indication of what they are doing in the school and she was very interested in that.

“It’s hoped to have some direct contact and liaison between the schools.”

The idea of twinning with Edzell is a popular one in Italy, and Mr Meneguzzi has already spoken at a presentation in Edzell about the area. Mr Myles said: “Many of the people I spoke with were very interested in Edzell.

“Those who have not been over seem very keen to make the trip.”

Discussing the next steps towards twinning the two places, he added: “I have been in touch with the Italian Embassy here. The twinning arrangement they are looking for would be more economical than the social arrangement we would like.

“I am looking to put in a request to speak with them to discuss it further.

“It’s maybe not an economic twinning like they want, but we would like to be able to get a formal acknowledge of any relationships between the two communities.”