Warnings to protect pipes as cold weather approaches

Sean Batty helped Scottish Water launch their winter campaign
Sean Batty helped Scottish Water launch their winter campaign

Householders and businesses in Brechin are being urged to keep their pipes protected as the colder weather approaches.

Scottish Water’s Winter Code advises anyone with a home, holiday home or business premises to take action to heat, insulate and protect their properties

STV Weather forecaster, Sean Batty, has warned against complacency following a mild winter last year. He said: “Last winter was mild with very little in the way of extreme temperatures, snow and ice, and after a quiet and warm summer, it would be a mistake for us to be lulled into thinking we may be in line for another mild winter.

“Over the last five years the winter season has been very volatile, going between very cold and very mild conditions, and it is important we take these sensible and simple actions to protect our homes and businesses against the elements.”

The campaign is being supported by an information leaflet (available to download at www.scottishwater.co.uk) that provides important and helpful guidance on what steps to take to help prevent a burst or frozen pipe, how to locate a stop valve, what to do in an emergency and how Scottish Water can help.

Peter Farrer, Scottish Water’s Chief Operating Officer, said: “We want to work with our customers to ensure we are all prepared for whatever winter weather we get. Preventing frozen pipes also means we all play a part in ensuring the water cycle never stops.

Customers can visit www.scottishwater.co.uk/winter where they can find information, films and advice.