Weir welcomes offshore employment increase

Mike Weir, the MP for Angus, has welcomed a report highlighting the increase in offhsore employment in the UK Oil and Gas industry.

Commenting on an 8.6 per cent increase revealed in the Oil and Gas UK’s “UK Continental Shelf Offshore Workforce Demographics Report 2014”, Mr Weir said: “This demonstrates the huge importance of this industry to the Scottish economy in general and the local economy of Angus in particular.

“The report does not show exactly how many people in Angus work directly in the industry but notes that 28 per cent live in the North East of Scotland so the number will be substantial. Not only are there a very large number of people employed directly in the industry in the local economy but also in the supply chain and support industries.

“Having visited local businesses in Angus involved in the North Sea industry and also the fantastic work being done by Angus Training Group which takes apprentices from all over Angus and much further afield it is clear that younger people recognise that the North Sea Oil and Gas industry continues to have a bright future.”