Working in partnership

Parnership working between education and the wider community across Angus has provided schools across Brechin with the opportunity to learn the attributes, knowledge and skills they need to flourish in learning, work and life in the 21st century out with the classroom setting.

Curriculum for Excellence encourages learning to take place in the outside world. Throughout Angus schools and employers are increasingly recognising the value of working in partnership to help develop youngsters skills, attitudes knowledge and values to equip them for success in the modern business world - including children from schools in Brechin.

At Andover School, Mrs Bell’s primary 2 class got their hands dirty as part of a schools potato-growing project organised jointly by the Potato Council and the Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET).

They followed up their potato harvest with a visit to see their RHET farmer Bruce Christie’s potatoes growing.

The class visited Westside Farm, part of the Dalhousie Estate, where the children saw wheat, barley, oilseed rape, carrots and peas growing, as well as potatoes. The last stop of the visit was to see close up some of the estate’s Aberdeen Angus cows with their calves.

Class 2.2 from Brechin High School were lucky enough to attend an event at Tullo Wind Farm, managed by Eneco UK.

During the visit pupils were taken on a guided tour, including viewing the 100 metre turbines up close and being shown the substation what was on sight.

Brechin High School also took part in ScottishPower’s newest initiative aimed at encouraging reading, writing and creativity amongst pupils.

“Story Generator” involved children being given the opening line of a novel by celebrated Children’s author Julie Bertagna. Pupils were then asked to add just one individial line to the story before the next pupil picks up the thread of the take with their own sentence.

Nigel Don, Angus North and Mearns SNP MSP, met pupils from Brechin High’s Higher modern studies class on their recent trip to the Scottish Parliament.

Nigel also met with the modern studies class and their teacher, Mrs Perkins, at the school the week before the trip to prepare them for their visit.

On both occasions he discussed his work as an MSP and took questions from the pupils.