Call for farmers market to return to central site

Brechiners would like to see a farmers market come to the town, as long as it is in the city centre.

Angus Farmers Market held a three-month trial market at Brechin Castle Centre in 2008.

However, having completed the trial, it was decided not to continue the market after there was not enough public support for it.

At the time of the trial it was suggested that the market should move into Brechin itself.

However, there were not enough stallholders willing to come back to Brechin and the idea was dropped.

Now, almost four years on, Brechiners feel a farmers market would be a positive move for the city if it was held in the correct location.

Having recently been to a market in Montrose, Fran Rizzo thought it would be a great event for Brechin: “I think it would be a worthwhile event. I was in Montrose during their farmers market and, although it was absolutely pouring with rain, the whole town was bustling.”

With the previous attempt to stage a market in Brechin failing due to lack of patrons a way to encourage more people to the market was suggested by Bruce Forfar who said: “[The Farmers Market] could be started at the pageant that way folk who have no idea what a farmers market is, and would probably never venture out to one, would see what they are all about and might actually enjoy it.”

Hoping an event like this would encourage more footfall in Brechin was Anne-Marie Scorgie who said: “I think it is a great idea. Both Forfar and Montrose are usually busy when it’s on and it might bring more people into the town.”

One of the reasons that many people felt the market was not successful first time round was because it was located out of the town centre.

Hoping there would be a second chance for Brechin to hold a market but to move it in into Brechin was Terry O’Halloran who commented:

“No idea why this was not considered last time. It was such a stupid idea to hold such an event so far out of the town at the Brechin Castle Centre.

“No wonder it failed. If there’s to be second chance, the middle of the town is the perfect place to hold it.”

Supporting this notion was Cheryl Heatherwick, who thought it was a “fantastic idea” as long as it was held in Brechin and not out of town.

Suggesting a location to hold the event was Pete Stanton who suggested the car park of Maisondieu School would be a good location.

Keen on the idea was Bob Barclay who simply said: “Farmers market with local produce, I’ll be there.”

Do you think Brechin could hold a Farmers Market?

Where do you think the best place for one would be? Get in touch and let us know what you think.