Campaign aims to combat scammers

Community police officers and Angus Council members met with local sub postmasters.
Community police officers and Angus Council members met with local sub postmasters.

Brechin post office’s sub postmaster joined colleagues from across Angus to lend their support to a campaign to prevent local people being scammed.

Common scams can include people sending cash on the promise of lottery prizes, or transferring money to internet ‘friends’ who have asked for money under the pretext of needing help.

Many of the people falling for these crimes transfer the money at their local post office.

As a result Derek and his colleagues from Leth and Forfar agree to work with Angus Council and the police to combat these crimes.

When post office staff suspect someone is being conned, they will contact specialist officers from the council and police who will offer advice and support prevent people falling victim to scammers.

The post offices also agreed to stock and display the Scam Free Angus posters and leaflets.

The work is part of Angus Council’s zero-tolerance campaign against scammers.

Earlier this year, the council became the first in Scotland to adopt a policy on financial harm and financial scams.

Elizabeth McNeill, Forfar sub postmistress said: “It is surprising how many people of all ages seem to be conned out of their money.

“Although sometimes this can be just a quite small amount, people can send off money frequently.

“When I became aware that social work and trading standards in Angus were offering a service it was a great relief, as I could see people being conned into parting with their money but didn’t know what services there were to help.”

Angus Council leader Iain Gaul thanked the three post offices for their support.

“It is important that we work together as a community to protect our citizens – especially those who are vulnerable – from falling victim to the scammers,” he said.

If you know of any more vulnerable adult at risk of harm, or of any actual or attempted scam, whether by letter, phone internet of doorstep caller, please phone any of the following:

Police Scotland on 101.

Angus trading standards on 01241 435600.

Social work through the council’s AccessLine on 08452 777 778.

You can follow the campaign’s Twitter account @ScamFreeAngus.