Can you help the Scouts celebrate 100 years?

The Queen normally sends out a telegram when someone celebrates their 100th birthday.

Although she will not send one to the Brechin Scout Group it will not hamper their celebrations when they reach the grand age of 100 on September 3, 2011.

During 2011 the Brechin Scout Group hopes to make contact with as many previous leaders and young members as they can to help them celebrate with past and present members.

Willie Bell, the Scout Group Leader, said: “We will be running events throughout the year to which all past members are invited.

“We would like for some past members to come down and talk to the present young people about how it used to be in the Scouts. Would you be able to help us with that?

“We have many photographs of Scouting in the past and would like to put names and other details to them.

“We also have a museum which we are upgrading and would like to have more material included.

“During the year each young person in the Scouts will have a series of 100 challenges to try and complete to improve their understanding of Scouting and the local community with the hope that many people will be asked about their involvements with the Scouts over the past 100 years.

“Maybe you know of someone who was involved in the past and could help to put details together in that person’s career in Scouting. We would be glad to hear from you.”

“Over the last 100 years it is estimated that there will have been 6000-7000 people involved in the group, which is greater than the current population of Brechin, so it is hoped that there will be plenty of material to find.

“Being a special year for the group we would like to make an effort in offering Scouting to as many people in Brechin as possible and we will be doing some recruitment drives.

“We also would like to raise the profile - many people have asked if there are still Scouts in Brechin. We the answer is yes and we will try and prove that next year.”

If you would like more information or would like to help with the celebrations please contact Willie Bell on 01356 622300 or Liz Kidd on 01356 624210.