Care of the elderly in the heatwave

Many of us will be enjoying this recent heatwave and hoping it will continue but a timely warning has come to remind us to take care of vulnerable older people while it lasts.

A spokesman for Contact the Elderly said it looks like the beautiful Scottish summer is set to continue.

“While the heatwave is undoubtedly a fantastic boost for everyone to enjoy the outdoors we would urge people to consider the flip side and the issues it may present for older people in particular,” she said,

“Many people will think to check on older and vulnerable neighbours during cold snaps. Given the conditions excess heat can exacerbate some older people may need some extra support during this time just like they would when the weather is at the opposite end of the spectrum.

“Very hot weather can make heart and breathing problems worse so they welcome someone offering to pop to the shops for them for example. A knock on the door or a ‘phone call may be a lifeline an older person is waiting for,” she added.