Celebrating ten years in the local community

Brechin Baptist Fellowship will be holding a 10th year celebration on Sunday, September 9 having been a member of the Brechin community sonce 2002.

Rev. Jon Bergen and his family moved from Texas to Brechin in March of 2002.

Their plan, with the help of financing from the States and Dingwall Baptist Church as a ‘mother’ church was to start a Baptist church in Brechin.

With a small core group they started services in the Andover Primary School in September 2002.

Dingwall Baptist Church sent a group that helped with passing out invitations around Brechin on the Saturday and several stayed through for the first Sunday.

In 2004 the church moved to the Mechanics Institute which seemed a better fit and was a lovely venue - it meant they did not require to find a different venue on the school holidays and for midweek Bible studies.

In September of 2006 the church moved to the old Jollys Hotel with the idea that the restaurant, bars and function suite being transformed into the church with the Bergen family making the hotel part their home.

The Brechin Baptist Fellowship is excited about being a part of this lovely community for the last ten years and would like to invite you to join them for the morning family service at 10.45am this Sunday, September 9.

Children have always been a vital part of the church and they will take part in this service.

At 6 pm they invite you for an ‘open house’ celebration of cake and ice cream sundaes.

Come along and help them celebrate.