Chance to improve youngsters’ work skills

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Employers and educators across Dundee and Angus are being offered the chance to improve the skills needed by young people as they move up to the world of work.

The Space at D&A College, Kingsway Campus, is the venue for a dissemination event organised by the Dundee and Angus Developing Young Workforce team.

In keeping with a national strategy led by government, the organisation aims to ensure young people have the skills, knowledge and abilities needed to move from education to the workplace.

With a range of panel discussions, presentations and networking opportunities the DYW event will help forge links between employers and educators – and collaboration between them.

“Research shows that employers in the Tayside area are keen to see young people better armed with employability skills when they take up their first jobs,” said Angela Vettraino, manager, developing young workforce, Dundee and Angus.

“There have been incredible changes in industry locally in the recent years - often creating new opportunities but potential employees still demand a certain set of skills.

“Employers and educators must collaborate to ensure youngsters can make more informed career choices and concentrate on the skills needed for their preferred career option.

“Organisations benefit by recruiting people better prepared for their chosen field.”

To sign up for the September 7 event, run in conjunction with Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce, visit