Charrette event delivers action plan for Brechin

Brechiners have been thanked by the team behind the Brechin Charrette for their input over the four day consultation at a final presentation event.

During the event, held at the Damacre Centre on Thursday, February 19, organisers said it was a “privilege being in Brechin” and that they were “really taken in with the impressive community spirit”.

Across all the charrette activities carried out in the town it was expected that over 350 people participated in various workshops, walkabouts and presentations.

Thursday’s event was the chance to showcase an emerging action plan and development framework for the town.

During the presentation, emerging fundamental issues were identified, which included the need to sustain prized assets such as the City Hall, tackling blight in the lower High Street, enhancing and extending the path networks and co-ordinating services on offer.

Traffic and parking issues were also raised as a result of the charrette, and short term proposals included a signange review, parking decriminalisation and a review of key bus stop locations.

The action plan for the town has five key programmes. They are supporting growth orientated business, developing the visitor economy, focussing on community health and wellbeing, extending town centre living and building third sector organisation and community ownership.

The next steps for the project will see organisers continue discussion with the community council and other local groups, before refining the development framework and action plan. A report is expected to go before Angus Council at a later date.