Chris in change of plan

A Cape Wrath challenge due to be undertaken by a team led by Emmerdale’s Chris Chittal has hit a snag.

The walk, which would have been supported by Brechin businessman Adrian Mottram of Angus Classic Interiors, has now been postponed due to a lack of team members.

Chris, who plays Eric Pollard in the popular ITV soap, explains: “We have had to pull the plug on the Cape Wrath challenge. Our main man, ex-Para Peter Quinn, has pulled a tendon and he’s just back from Australia and it’s still not right.

“A few others have also dropped out so I will just be billy no mates going the West Highland Way instead.”

He added: “We have postponed the Cape Wrath challenge until September but it is still very much going ahead!

“I’ve built myself up with all the training for Cape Wrath and I will continue to do that.

“I just wanted to let the readers know that the challenge is in abeyance but it will happen.”

Chris and his team intend to do the walk in just seven days - that’s ten days less than professional walkers Denis Brook and Phil Hinchliffe managed in 1983.

When Chris and his team do make the challenge in September it will be the second attempt after the first was thwarted on the second day due to injury.

It is hoped that there will be no dramatic air lifts off the hills this time around!