Christmas stock already? We’ve not had Hallowe’en yet

It happens every year, the inevitable creeping up of Christmas, but it’s happening earlier and earlier every year.

Already supermarkets are selling mince pies (which will never stay in date for Christmas!), tins of sweets and gift sets - you name a festive item and they will have it stocked up.

I can imagine I complained about the same issue last year, but I have to say that I saw pictures from friends on Facebook with supermarkets setting up Christmas tree displays bang on September 1.

People definitely have been preparing for Christmas much earlier than previous years and I’m beginning to think it’s not by choice.

I really do think that people see Christmas items in stores and start to fear that they need to start now to be properly prepared, and that just makes Christmas fever erupt into a pandemic.

I’m already starting to panic about my lack of organisation (and I’m slightly ashamed to admit that) but that’s only down to seeing constant updates online about my friends and family purchasing Christmas presents.

My mother and sister are almost finished - I’m the one preventing them from being super organised because I have no clue what I would like for Christmas.

The reason why that is? It’s a simple reason - it’s September! People seem to have skipped ahead a few weeks. No one is talking about Hallowe’en and there are no products on sale.

No one is mentioning Hallowe’en on Facebook or Twitter.

Yet, I have seen people posting about how excited they are to see their favourite Christmas advert on telly, and that there is now only 14 Saturdays to Christmas (I know that one because it keeps popping up on my Facebook news feed every week).

I think we should forget about Christmas and focus on Hallowe’en.

We’re lucky in Brechin to have to events to look forward to before focusing on Christmas. We’ve got the Cartie Race, and then the full-on Hallowe’en celebrations as part of Hallowe’en in the City.

Last year’s race was a huge success, and it will be exciting to see what kind of designs feature at this year’s race. The fact the route is longer should also add to the excitement.

We best enjoy it all while we can before the supermarkets start preparing for Easter.

No doubt the first chocolate eggs will be making an appearance on January 1.