Christmas wishes from Angus Provost

Councillor Helen Oswald
Councillor Helen Oswald

Angus Provost, Helen Oswald, has a Christmas message for the people of the county.

She says...

“Christmas is the time that most of us will spend with family and friends, sharing a festive meal and exchanging gifts.

“It is the season when generosity abounds and that spirit is often most evident in the simplest of gestures – the extra item of shopping given willingly to Angus Foodbank or the gifts donated to Angus Toy Appeal. Others give the most precious gift of all, their time.

“I have been proud to support Alzheimer Scotland as my chosen charity in 2015 and I am delighted the new Angus Resource Centre will soon open its doors,offering those living with dementia much needed support and practical assistance.

“As Provost it has been a pleasure to meet so many inspirational and dedicated people.

“From creative Angus companies to local organisations and individuals who invigorate our communities.

“I continue to be bowled over by our young people who are achieving ever more in school and by those of all ages who care for loved ones at home.

“Local groups are now reclaiming local spaces and it is a joy to see community spirit grow along with colourful planting and creative planning.

“Hugely popular locally run events are eagerly awaited and enthusiastically attended by residents and visitors alike. And that ‘can do’ spirit is infectious.

“Honest, challenging and stimulating debate shone out of the community design events held this year, with more to come in 2016.

“People’s passion and commitment is helping to shape the future of the places we live in and the services we want for Angus.

“As we look forward to another productive year I wish you and yours a happy and peaceful Christmas.”