Cinema could shake up screenings

Minions and Gru have visited the cinema to boost movie experiences
Minions and Gru have visited the cinema to boost movie experiences

Brechin’s community cinema could consider changing up their screenings if support does not grow from teenage audiences.

Organisers have revealed that the support from some areas the community is strong, but their middle film audiences haven’t been as large as they had hoped for.

Community cinema spokesman Mark Arbuthnott explained: “We have been well supported by the older members of our community and those with young families but we are still well short of our maximum capacity of 250 per film.

“Our middle film, which is generally aimed at the teenage audience, has not been well attended and we may look to drop this for an alternative if we can’t get teenagers to support us.”

The volunteers behind the cinema project have been working hard to give moviegoers an extra special experience - which has included visits to Brechin by Cinderella, Minions and Gru.

The cinema is already looking ahead to future projects, with October set to feature a double bill of award-winning films, and the new Bond film, ‘Spectre’ is to feature in December.

Organiser are going to be screening a ‘Sing-a-long Frozen’ movie in their December event.

Mark added: “In January we will be showing ‘Sunset Song’ and are really hopeful that we can collaborate with the Grassic Gibbon Centre to bring something extra to the evening audience.”

Plans to introduce a film festival have also been discussed by the group. Mark said: “We hope that we can keep our audience so that we can develop the cinema and it is our hope to establish an annual Brechin Film Festival, something neither Forfar, Montrose or Arbroath can boast, in conjunction with FilmHub Scotland perhaps as early as next year.

“However this all depends on continued and growing support from the community- we are always only one or two poor shows away from having to call it a day.”

Details of future shows can be found at www.facebook/regalkingbrechin or