Claims Co-op 
lorries a danger 
to schoolchildren

Pictured is an example of the lorry issue.
Pictured is an example of the lorry issue.

A Brechin man says it is only a matter of time before a child is hurt going to school because of lorry unloading practices at the Co-operative Food store in the town.

Terry O’Halloran said he has spoken to the store manager about the probability of an accident but claims he was told by her that it was not her responsibility.

The lorry's cab is protuding on to the pavement

The lorry's cab is protuding on to the pavement

“This is rubbish. Part of the Co-op’s health and safety policy should include this. I feel it is what ever is easiest for the lorry driver or the store, not the public using the pavement,” he said.

Mr O’Halloran, who is responsible for health and safety as part of his offshore job, explained that although there is a loading bay at the Co-op store off Distillery Road, when the lorries are unloading, their cabs extend right across the pavement almost as far as the road, meaning that anyone walking up the pavement is forced to walk on the road.

“When children are walking to school this is what they are faced with. If someone is coming up the hill towards Little Brechin with a pram there is not enough room and someone is then forced to use the road. Any traffic travelling down towards the town faces a blind spot which could hide a child.

“As I feel this is a safety issue it would not take much to write a risk assessment and a procedure for unloading goods, which should be part of the shop’s operating policy,” he added.

Mr O’Halloran said he felt there was more than enough space for lorry’s to park without taking up space on the pavement, forcing school children on to the road.

“How long will it be before a child is hurt going to school? I feel very strongly about this and hope something can be done before an accident happens,” he continued.

A spokesman for Brechin High School had no comment on this matter.

A spokesman for The Co-operative Food said: “As a community retailer we take any concerns regarding deliveries to our Trinity Road store in Brechin very seriously.

“We are investigating the issue raised and will ensure that our drivers consider pedestrians and other road users by parking within the store boundary.”

A spokesman for Police Scotland said no complaint had been made to them regarding the situation.