Class hold 18th reunion

Pupils from the 1940 class of Brechin’s former Damacre School recently met for their 18th school reunion in the space of 25 years.

The event, which took place at Brechin Golf Club, saw 12 of the class’s former pupils in attendance.

The class, who all started at the school in 1940, held their first reunion in September 1990. The event was attended by 26 pupils with David Kidd, Bill Robertson, Elma McEwen (nee Craigie), Willie Ritchie, Frank Campbell, Nan Balfour (nee Dunbar), Ann Bale (nee Moir), Sandy Mollison, Mary Ellis (nee Croll), June Findlay (nee Young), Shelia Murray (nee Stewart), Lena Buist (nee Watt), Gladys Ruxton (nee Scott), Irene Guthrie (nee Leiper), Ed Black, Ena Brown (nee King), David Gordon, Margaret Rose (nee McArthur), Steve Robertson, Les Sim, Jim Clark, Isobel Thomson, Alan Taylor, Bob Duncan, Bunty coupar (nee Robb) and Marjory Boardman (nee Stewart).

Only 11 of the original pupils were unable to attend, with George Low, Bil Young, Tom McGhee, Meredith Morgan (nee Wilson), Betty Hendry (nee Bean), Jack Taylor, Ken Coutts, May Edmond (nee Robertson), Albert Reiod, Ally Robertson and Jack Grahm missing.

The first reunion of the class also had a special guest, in the form of their teacher Mary Crowe.

Further reunions were held in 1995 and 2000, before it was agreed to hold a yearly reunion in 2001.

However, now 25 years on from their first ever reunion, classmates agreed at their 18th reunion this year to make the 2015 reunion the last one.