Clean up after your dog

Fed-up Brechiners have called on dog owners to clean up after their dogs after dog mess has been left lying outside Maisondieu School and on the grounds of St Andrew’s Church (writes Shona Beaton).

The unsightly mess has left locals concerned about people’s safety, especially that of children who walk pass the mess everyday on their way to and from school.

Angela Payto, a worried mum, said: “Up until recently there has always been a problem with dog mess on the grass but never on the path.

“Now the mess is right next to the gate of the school. It is on the gravel so you do not see it until you are right on it.

“Kids, including nursery children, are dropped off at the gate everyday and they are walking on it all the time.

“It is obviously quite a big dog which is leaving the mess.

“It has been going on for a while now but the past month has been the worst.

“Piles of dog mess were cleaned on Thursday but, by Friday, the mess was back and on Monday there were piles of it again.

“It is not fair on the kids.

“Many of us are dog owners but we are not cleaning up after anyone else’s dog.

“If you do see someone not picking up after their dog then please report them.”

Also angered by the mess is the Rev. David Mumford, who has reported the problem to Angus Council and the police.

“May I appeal to the person who has regularly allowed their dog to defecate in the grounds of St Andrew’s Church over the past week and a half to find a more appropriate place to use as a canine toilet and to clear up afterwards,” asked Rev Mumford.

“Not only are the faeces offensive to the church users but the church grounds are in regular use by pupils of Maisondieu School.

“Dog faeces can be source of major infection, perhaps even leading to blindness.

“Other faeces have been left on the grass and this causes problems for those whose task it is to cut the grass.

“The best way forward would be if the dog’s owner could amend this or her way of life, ensure that the church grounds are not abused in this way and to buy a poop scoop so the mess can be cleaned up afterwards.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “We received a complaint on May 19 about dog fouling on St Andrew’s Street, Brechin, which was dealt with the following day.

“This was the first complaint we had received about dog fouling in this area.

“The Community Warden Service is working to trace the person or people responsible and, where appropriate, will issue fixed penalty notices.

“We ask for the help and co-operation of the public in not allowing their dogs to foul this or any other areas, and also to report those allowing their dogs to do so by contacting the council’s ACCESSLine on 08452 777 778.”