Clubs facing an unwanted cut!

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A LOCAL junior football team, who play a role in helping the youngest players in the local boys club with playing facilities, are being faced with a hefty bill after mindless vandals cut their way through a recently erected wire fence at the Matrix Park.

The fence was erected by officials of Brechin Victoria to enhance security and keep dog walkers off the playing area, which is used at the weekends by the youngest players involved with Brechin City Youths, teams aged between Under-8s and Under 10s.

Vics treasure Brian Eaton said: “You have to wonder about some people in Brechin.

“We got the use of the Matrix Park for training on and, with the kids coming into use it at the weekends, we took the decision to spend about £500 having a new wire fence erected, that covered both the Eastmill Road side of the pitch and the Nursery Park side.

“It’s been the Nursery Park side which has been worst affected of late and it’s very frustrating for everyone connected with the club.

“In the last five or six years we have probably spent close to £15,000 on ground developments around our own pitch at Nursery Park, not only for our own use, but for the benefit of the entire community.

“It is really sickening when something like this happens.

“Money is tight for teams at all levels of the game and it takes about £10,000 to see the Vics break even every season alone, so any added costs that can be avoided should be avoided.

“What is so sickening about this is that it appears wire cutters have been used to cut a flap in the brand new fence, so that people can come back and forward across the park.

“There is still a path to the side of the pitch which people used for years, but we are growing increasingly concerned that the young kids using it could become seriously ill if there are dogs making a mess of the park.

“Hopefully anyone with any information about the vandalism will come forward and contact the police.

“Frankly, we can only repair the fence so many times, before it becomes an unnecessary cost.”

A spokesman for Tayside Police said: “We are aware of the crime which was reported to us recently.

“We would urge anyone living in the vicinity of Matrix Park who may have seen anything untoward of this nature to come forward with any information they feel is relevant.

“Tayside Police can be contacted on 0300 111 2222. The park is close to a residential area, so we remain hopeful a witness may yet come forward.”