Collecting for Africa

Two local fund raisers have raised more money to help the children of “First Step Right” school in South Africa.

Irene Gillies and Cheryl Birse held a collection at the Co-op a week past Saturday, with the proceeds going towards the pre-school.

Irene said: “I would like to thank everyone who gave so generously to our collection for the pre-school at the valley of a thousand hills.

“Thanks also to the staff of the Co-op for allowing Cheryl and I to stand at the door for the collection.

“There is a lot of work to be done at the pre-school.

“Gael, the teacher/organiser, has a tremendous challenge ahead of her.

“At the moment there are 125 children who attend daily.

“It’s important to give each child a chance to achieve, especially in the valleys where poverty is so great.

“Gael works with minimal materials but has a great incentive to incentive – to encourage each child to work hard, enabling them to try and escape from the grave situation in which they live.

“The building needs a complete upgrade and as soon as the property has been handed over to the community this work will be done.”

Charlie Homer and a group of friends are returning to the school from the UK to build a dormitory for a young couple who have rescued nine children whose parents had died through Aids.