Collection services about to change?

CHANGES to how household waste is collected in Angus could soon be in place.

The move comes as the local authority looks at the longer term implications of the Zero Waste Plan on waste processing.

To do so, Angus Council intend to work alongside Dundee City Council and Dundee Energy Recycling Ltd (DERL) to build up a bigger picture of how to improve.

The council is also looking to begin a trial of revised residual waste, recyclate, garden and food waste collection services.

Ron Ashton, director of neighbourhood services explains the current position: “Prior to the arrival of the Zero Waste Plan (ZWP), most recycling efforts were driven by the need to avoid disposal to landfill and, therefore, landfill avoidance, based solely on the tonnage of materials collected was seen as the prime objective.

“The ZWP has changed the perspective on recycling efforts completely. The plan requires that those items which can be recycled are seen as a resource and not as waste.

“The driver then becomes the need to ‘capture’ the maximum amount of good quality material to take advantage of the resource potential of that material.”

In order to achieve these new objectives as determined by the plan the council are placing an “obligation to sort” on both the producers and collectors of waste and introduce landfill bans prohibiting certain materials being disposed of in landfill.

By 2013 the council will begin collecting cardboard, paper, glass, plastics and metals separate from other waste.

Also beginning in 2013 the council will be required to collect food waste separately.

A number of initiatives are now in the pipeline in order to stick to these new guidelines.

These include extending recycling collections to villages and rural areas, possibly introducing front end treatment of waste prior to incineration and the possible participation in a new facility to treat residual waste.

The proposed trial system of collecting household waste includes alternate weekly collection via a 140 litre bin; an alternate weekly collection of mixed plastics, cans, paper and cardboard via a 240 litre bin; a monthly collection of glass bottles via a 55 litre box; a weekly collection of food waste via a small lockable bin and alternate weekly collection of garden waste via a 240 litre bin.

Mr Ashton said: “Due to the significant investment required in fully adopting any change to the current kerbside collections scheme, and to allow full consultation with the public within Angus to take place prior to any proposed roll out of the scheme, trials will have to be put in place.

“This will allow a full analysis of the scheme with regards to public participation rates, recycling performance against the ZWP targets and the overall financial performance.”