Common Good Fund concerns

mairi evans.
mairi evans.

The dilemma over whether Arbroath library should be removed from the town’s Common Good Fund has caused concern for Brechin’s audit.

It is proposed that Arbroath Library, a gift from former Provost David Crosar, is moved from the Common Good Fund to the General Fund of Angus Council.

Councillor Mairi Evans is worried about what might happen if the question of a building’s ownership is raised during Brechin’s audit.

“All of the towns are going through their Common Good audits. Arbroath has been done and I think Brechin might be second or third down the line,” she explained.

“Councillor David Fairweather put in an amendment asking that Arbroath members get to see the legal advice that was given to the council.

“One of the questions we asked was, what are the repercussions on us if we decide not the take the council’s advice and act against it?

“They have said that we would be liable for it and all councillors who vote against the advice could face the surcharge.

“Arbroath members have asked to see the legal advice and I supported that.”

Councillor Fairweather’s amendment was voted in meaning the decision to move the library from the Common Good Fund was delayed.

Mairi added: “We might be clutching at straws and we may need to take council advice.

“We need to do this, not just for Arbroath, but for the sake of Brechin and for when they carry out the audit here.

“I think we need to fight tooth and nail for these things and go as far as possible with them.

“It is important, in this case, that we see the legal advice and we know we are basing our decision on the right advice.

“It has got me really worried about what might happen in Brechin if the same issues arise and the question of ownership of buildings is raised.”