Community council discuss Nathro Hill wind farm

The PROPOSED wind farm at Nathro Hill was discussed at the latest Inveresk Community Council meeting, held in Lethnot Hall on September 10. Chairman Duncan Smedley told members that he had received a letter of acknowledgement from the council after a letter objecting to the plans had been submitted on behalf of the community council.

During the meeting it was also revealed that letters of objection had been received from several organistations. Claire Herbert, on behalf of the Archaeology Service, said that there were “significant concerns” relating to the visual impact to archaeological sites in the area, particularly the two Caterthun Hill forts. She added: “With this in mind, I would in the first instance recommend this application for refusal.”

However, she outline several detailed conditions that should be included should the application be minded for approval.

SEPA had also submitted a letter to Angus Council objecting to the plans. The letter said that the objection was on the grounds of lack of information relating to impacts on wetlands and peatland. However, they have also outlined conditions should the application be minded for approval. Full information on all responses can be seen on the Angus Council’s planning website.