Community Council review work of 2013

Grahame Lockhart, convener of The City of Brechin and District Community Council took the opportunity at the recent meeting to review all the activities of the Community Council during the second half of 2013.

It was a record that showed the wide-ranging involvement in and with the local community. Grahame highlighted the following significant and time-consuming issues:-

n The Community Council has been actively involved in the ongoing life of Brechin. The Showcase of Brechin in the Parish Council Chambers gave the community the opportunity to air their hopes and concerns for Brechin, and to view and comment on the various major projects planned for the city, i.e. the new Community Campus, the Flood Prevention Scheme and the proposed Health/Emergency Services Hub.

n The Community Council continued its support of the work of the Transition Town group and the Park Group, and the ACCESS information cards were produced and are now available at various locations.

n Many of our members, as well as being actively involved in the Community Council, have been very involved in many of the events in Brechin, such as the Halloween Cartie event and Christmas in the City.

In a long list of thanks, Grahame mentioned Wendy Coutts who stepped down as a Community Council member in December, commenting: “I want to express my sincere thanks to Wendy for all her work on the Community Council and for her vital contribution at our many meetings. She is continuing her involvement with the Music Fest and will be a valuable asset to that event.”

He added: “Once again we are extremely grateful for the support and regular coverage we receive from the Brechin Advertiser and the press coverage we receive from the Courier. Also, we are extremely grateful for the support from our local councillors, Mairi Evans, Bob Myles and Jim Houston, and we appreciate the regular police updates from PC Billy Rattray.

“I want to thank all the members of the Community Council for their work and their attendance at various meetings in Brechin representing the Community Council, and providing valuable feedback to our monthly meetings. Again, it has been a privilege to be Convener of a Community Council with committed members, and I know we will continue to work together to make Brechin a place of which to be proud.”

Then, looking forward to the new year, Grahame concluded: “During the coming months there are a number of activities and issues in which the Community Council will continue to be actively involved, e.g. the new Community Campus and the Flood Prevention Scheme. In addition issues raised through the Showcase and the vision for Brechin will need to be addressed, for example empty buildings and car parking.”

There are now several vacancies on the Community Council and interested persons, who are willing to work with the remaining members to continue the good work already being done, should contact the convener: Mr G. Lockhart, Myrtle Cottage, 15 Scott Street, Brechin. DD9 7BQ Tel 07709 961330 or the secretary: Mr E. Gray, 23 Denburn Court, Montrose Street, Brechin. DD9 7JA Tel 07845 971956.