Community council to adopt phone box

The phone box has been adopted for �1
The phone box has been adopted for �1

The City of Brechin and District Community Council has agreed to adopt Brechin’s last remaining red telephone box.

The adoption of the box, which is sited on Drumachlie Loan next to the railway bridge, is set to put the community council back just £1.

The idea was put forward up at the community council latest meeting on February 3 in the Damacre Centre by Jim Sherrit.

Mr Sherrit, who was attending the meeting as a member of the public, said it “would be nice to save” the last box in the town.

He explained: “BT would take the phone equipment out of the box and provide a supply paint so that we could have it restored.”

Jim highlighted that other towns that have adopted boxes have used them in unique ways. One of the examples he highlighted was Alyth, with the community planning to use an old phone as a talking history tool, where users enter a year and the history of the town from that period is revealed.

Other uses that were used as examples during the meeting included turning it in to a small art gallery.

Mr Sherrit added: “At the moment, I would suggest making it a suggestion box for the community to give their ideas on how it can be used in the future.”

Due to the work involved in moving the phone box, it would remain in its current location.

It was also confirmed at the meeting that Mr Sherrit has put himself forward to be co-opted on to the council.

The matter will be voted on at the next community council meeting, which takes place on March 3.