Community council welcome new member

The City of Brechin and District community councillors welcomed a new councillor to their midst at their meeting on March 3.

Jim Sherrit, who had put forward his name at the February meeting to be co-opted, was voted on to the council at the start of the meeting.

His appointment was proposed by Derek Harper, and seconded by George Garden and all seven councillor present voted in favour of Mr Sherrit joining.

Mr Sherrit then gave an update on the process behind adopting the ‘phone box at Drumachlie Loan. He explained that it would be necessary to write to Angus Council to check that the box is on public ground, and to write to the planning departmnet to see if any additional planning requirements would be necessary. He also explained that BT only provide free paint for the box now on the condition that a defibrillator is installed.

Council convener Derek Harper gave an update on the Brechin Charrette at the meeting, saying it was “reasonably attended”. He said: “The idea is to maximise the potential of what Brechin has. The focus, I felt, seemed to be on the City Hall, Leisure Centre and Flicks area.

“They will come back with a fuller report.”

He added: “Everything is really up in the air at the moment. It’s a matter of waiting to see what comes out in the report.”

Towards the end of the meeting, Secretary Eric Gray reminded councillors that elections for the community council are set to take place in October this year. As a result, the current crop of Brechin community councillors will cease to be a councillor at midnight on the first Monday in October.

A minimum of seven people will have to stand for election to ensure the continuation of The City of Brechin and District Community Council.

A maximum of 13 people can stand for the council, and if there are between seven and 13 people who put their names forward, all would be automatically elected to the council.

However, if more than 13 people put their names up for the community council, elections would have to take place.