Concerns over parking at Caledonian Railway

Concerns have been raised over the parking problems in Brechin, following a busy weekend at the Caledonian Railway.

Peter Young and Ewan Haggart raised worries about the disruption and safety caused by the volume of cars parking in the town during the Day out With Thomas event.

They said: “Its great to see events such as Day out with Thomas bringing visitors to the town, but the parking can cause chaos for nearby residents.

“Surely it would be possible for Angus Council to reduce disruption and improve safety by helping the volunteers who organise these events find safer parking off street (such as on the playing fields in the public park) or better still a more permanent solution.”

Lorraine Stephens also highlighted the parking issue on the Brechin Advertiser’s Facebook page, commenting: “All weekend, parking problems in all streets near the railway. Situation is dangerous to say the least. They must address this issue, they have been able to do as they please for many years.”

Blair Winton, from the Caledonian Railway, explained: “We always work with local organisations and the local authority to make as many spaces available within the vicinity as possible.

‘‘This year we were again assisted by Lidl, the Damacre Centre, Brechin Health Centre and the owner of former wood yard at Bog Road to make a high number of extra spaces available to visitors off of the public roads.

‘‘This information was published online before the event.

“We have also increased the number of car parking attendants on duty to direct cars to those extra car parks and the railway has invested in new traffic management equipment to reduce parking in problem areas.

“We continued to monitor the issue over the weekend and when any problems arose our volunteer staff were on hand to try to contact owners of any problem cars so they could be moved.

“Unfortunately, at any large event like this, there are always a few people who are in a rush, or are maybe inconsiderate towards other road users and it can cause problems on the public roads. Luckily on this occasion the large majority of visitors parked safely and in good time.

“Our neighbours know that the volunteers at the railway take a lot of steps and do a lot of planning to deal with the large numbers visiting on the busy weekends and we’d like to thank them for their continued support and understanding.”