Concerns voiced over health services

The City of Brechin and District Community Council held their final meeting ahead of the October elections.

During the meeting concerns about the changes to the GP service in the town, and the Minor Injury and Illness Unit hour changes, were discussed at length.

Convener Derek Harper sad: “People should be out on the streets about this. The safety of people is at risk because of this.”

Jill Scott voiced concern about how many people will use the MIIU given its new opening times. She said: “Its opening the time as the GP and I worry that there is just not going to be enough people using it and they can then argue that it should be closed entirely.”

A member of the public at the meeting voiced concerns about the impact on the ambulance service, saying: “Its the ambulance service that will feel the brunt of it as people will be dialling 999 for more things now.”

Derek suggested that the community council write to voice their concerns about the situation, saying: “We need clarification on the health service in Brechin. We need to now why it was allowed to get to this position and who was supposed to be monitoring it.”