Concrete road repairs in hand

Problems on the concrete section of the A90 at Brechin should be picked up and repaired by Bear Scotland, says Nigel Don MSP.

Mr Don, SNP Member of the Scottish Parliament for Angus North & Mearns, contacted Transport Minister Keith Brown highlighting the condition of the Brechin bypass which was laid in concrete some years ago.

The Minister asked roads agency Transport Scotland to reply, and also received a response from contractor Bear Scotland.

“Bear Scotland has assured me that they patrol the bypass weekly and carry out a yearly inspection on foot to monitor the performance of the concrete,” said Mr Don.

“Defects are repaired with a bituminous material.”

“The current budget problem means there are no immediate plans to undertake any major repairs to the Brechin bypass, but I have been told this will be kept under review.”

Bear Scotland say in a letter that concrete roads such as the Brechin bypass do present difficulties in terms of maintenance.

“In early life, they tend to be relatively free of defects, but once defects start to occur, they can be difficult to repair.

“Whether concrete roads were ever a good idea is something for the experts to decide,” said Mr Don, “but certainly this one is going to need serious attention at some point in the future.

“I will continue to ensure that Transport Scotland is fully aware of the deteriorating condition of this road, but for now I am grateful for the Minister’s assurances that this important road will be properly maintained.”