Considering new evidence on Laurencekirk junction

Transport Scotland and Scottish Ministers will face further lobbying on the Laurencekirk Junction after the Public Petitions Committee of the Scottish Parliament met last Tuesday.

Angus North & Mearns MSP Nigel Don asked the committee not to shut down discussion of the petition which was first submitted in 2009 by campaigner Jill Fotheringham.

Mr Don submitted a traffic survey undertaken by local campaign group Villages in Control which detailed heavy traffic movements across the A90, including 22 buses carrying children daily, 222 crossings by buses altogether and 38 local lorry movements each day, in addition to traffic passing up and down the main trunk road between Aberdeen and the South.

MSPs, including North East List member Mark McDonald lent support, with Mr McDonald saying that he had witnessed drivers taking chances at this busy junction.

He told the committee that only good fortune had prevented further bad accidents, and he criticised the often ignored 50 mph speed limit section which, he said, made it difficult for drivers crossing the A90 to judge the speed of oncoming traffic.

Mr Don described his meetings with Aberdeenshire and Angus Councils and explained that they were absolutely in agreement that the junction is dangerous and that action was required.

He also noted that both councils took the view that this was a trunk road and therefore the responsibility of Transport Scotland.

Mr Don also told the committee that Transport Scotland had accepted the junction required upgrading, but this was a matter of priorities and he said the question was how to find the money before a major accident occurred.

The committee agreed to continue consideration of the petition and to write to Transport Scotland asking them to look at the new evidence produced by the Villages in Control traffic survey.