Council allay concerns over fountain’s tilt

Fountain at St Ninian's Square
Fountain at St Ninian's Square

Concerns about the fountain in St Ninian’s Square have been raised with the local authority by The City of Brechin and District Community Council.

A member of the public contacted community councillor Jim Sherritt with concerns that the fountain was beginning to tilt.

At the council’s December meeting, Jim explained: “If you stand with your back to the Gardner Memorial you can see it tilting back the way.”

Secretary of the community council, Eric Gray, raised the concerns with Angus Council.

An Angus Council spokesman confirmed that a senior property inspector spoke with the community council’s secretary recently.

He continued: “He confirmed that the Fox Maule Ramsey Memorial Fountain has had quite a list on it for some considerable years.

“It was first inspected by structural engineers in 2004 and most recently in 2013. The most recent survey showed there had been no significant movement since the structure’s 2004 inspection.

“A visual survey to identify any signs of movement is carried out every 18 months, the most recent of which took place earlier this year and raised no concerns.”

The fountain, a category B listed building, was built as a memorial to the memory of Fox Maule Ramsay, 11th Earl of Dalhousie and 2nd Baron Panmure. It originally stood front of the Mechanics Institute before its relocation to St Ninian’s Square.