Council appeal for allotment volunteer

A new venture by The City of Brechin and District Community council is hoping to create a place the community can come together to exercise the body and mind.

The venture, Brechin Community Allotment, is for people of all ages and abilities to promote community spirit.

Jill Scott explained: “Our vision is to have a allotment where children and adults can learn how to grow food to promote healthy living. We are in the very early stages but hope to create a fruit and vegetable garden, nature space and meeting circle possibly even a BBQ area.

“We are looking for volunteers from novice to experienced gardeners who could share some of their knowledge to help us turn this allotment into a productive garden. We have received some generous donations of vegetable seedlings and seed potatoes and would welcome anyone who would like to help.

“We would also be grateful for any donations of wood to build raised beds to enable anyone with mobility issues to join in. You do not need to be a gardener to volunteer as there may be other jobs to do such as building raised beds or simply watering plants.

“We are in the process of applying for funding to purchase garden furniture and gardening tools such as spades, forks, rakes and wheel barrows. If anyone has any garden equipment they no longer need or use please get in touch as this would be a great help.”

All produce will be donated to the local community to help combat food poverty or will be available to purchase for a small fee to help us buy seeds and plants for the following year.

Anyone interested in the scheme should contact the Damacre Centre on 01356 627460 and leave contact details and someone from the group will get in touch.