Council given update on Brechin charrette

Angus Councils communities committee received an update on the Brechin charrette at their meeting on

September 29.

In a report on the charrette programme for the whole county, the committee was asked to note the progress made in Brechin since the event was carried out in February.

In her report, Vivien Smith, head of planning and place, said: “Community spirit in the city is high and the charrette achieved significant levels of community and business participation which are also evident in policy development and event planning.

“Over the summer months exploratory work has been undertaken relating to the implementation of actions emerging from the charrette and we are now in a position to comment on the feasibility of building on these actions as a basis for responding to community aspirations and specifically the vision for Brechin agreed at the charrette.”

The report also included a note of short, medium and long term goals and actions. Short terms goals, which works in a year long time frame, included securing permission to explore potential new futures for Brechin Leisure Centre, initiating dialogue with the community over future management and development of the City Hall and other key assets. Medium term goals included exploring the feasibility of an indoor skate park and social facility at the leisure centre, and examining the potent to develop an information hub. It was also proposed that a follow-up engagement event be held in Brechin in 2016 to maintain engagement and “provide a degree of transparency and accountability”.

The report also proposed a charrette for rural Angus in early 2017, subject to availability of resources.

Ms Smith said: “During the current year consideration will be given to adapting the engagement process embedded in charrettes to more rural areas. Options available include focusing on larger rural settlements or focusing on a wider geographic area.’’