Council panel set-up to help scrutinise every aspect of road maintenance

Potholesin Brechin's Provost Millar Avenue
Potholesin Brechin's Provost Millar Avenue

A new scrutiny panel has been set up, by Angus Council’s scrutiny and audit committee, to scrutinise every aspect of road maintenance in the area.

Members of the local communities have raised concerns about road maintenance, in particular potholes, prompting the council to set up the panel.

Each year the issue of potholes in and around Brechin is featured in the Brechin Advertiser, following complains from local residents. It is also a topic that is also brought up at both the City of Brechin and District Community Council and Inveresk Community Council.

Brechin councillor Bob Myles is chair of the panel that will gather information at all levels from within and outwith the authority, make site visits and conduct interviews to gather a detailed overview of roads maintenance in the county.

Panel members, who will be drawn from the membership of the scrutiny and audit committee, will also consult with other authorities to identify areas of good practice and consider if these could be applied in Angus.

A similar panel, chaired by councillor Brian Boyd has also been established with a remit to focus on waste management and the progress of the zero waste agenda.

Scrutiny and Audit convener Bob Spink said: “This is a new approach for us and an exciting one we have been putting together over the last few months.

“Of course we expect we shall have some challenges along the way but we are prepared for that, and will adapt wherever we find it necessary.

“The objective is to establish value for money and continuous improvement within a strong governance framework to the benefit of Angus through forward looking initiatives like this.”

Both panels will have officer support and will report back to the full Scrutiny and Audit committee with their findings.

Reports will then be prepared for each relevant service committee, and full council, with recommendations for improvement where necessary.