Council poses questions

A REPORT which was being considered by Angus Council’s strategic policy commitee on Tuesday (yesterday) just as the Brechiner was going to press, raises a question about how consistently regeneration funding underspends were handled by the Scottish Government.

It has emerged that a number of other projects across Scotland may have been given permission by the government to spend unallocated regeneration funds on alternative schemes.

Commenting on the report council leader and committee convener councillor Bob Myles said: “The government’s approach in other areas seems to be somewhat at odds with how they dealt with us in Brechin.

“I will be asking the members of the strategic policy committee to support the report recommendations as they may offer a means of recouping at least some of the £812k regeneration money which was withdrawn by the government before Christmas.

“The report outlines a number of alternative projects the council could swiftly undertake if the government was to extend to Brechin the same funding flexibility it appears to have offered to other projects in Scotland.”

The strategic policy committee will be asked to consider four options to utilise the £812,620 regeneration fund underspend, with a recommendation to approve option four.

This recommends grant funding of up to £100,000 to enable the early development of the property at 11-19 St David Street (the former Woolworths store) and the investment of the remaining £713k to improve the structure, facilities and appearance of Brechin City Hall.

Angus Council is to hold a public meeting in the Mechanics Institute in Brechin, at 7.30pm on Thursday, March 17, to present information and take questions about the management and outcome of the recent town centre regeneration fund project.