Councillor hits out at funding ‘misinformation’

BRECHIN Councillor Mairi Evans has blasted a local campaigner for attempting to shift the blame for the withdrawal of nearly £1 million grant funding to the city on to the SNP Scottish Government.

Councillor Evans has accused Liberal Democrat Scottish Parliament candidate Sanjay Samani of puerile misinformation and has demanded a public retraction of his comments.

“Mr Samani, as Liberal Democrat candidate for North Angus and Mearns, is a close colleague of fellow party member and Angus Councillor, David May, so he should be fully aware of the real reasons why the remaining £900,000 of the £1.8 million town regeneration funding could not be used by Angus Council within the Christmas Day deadline.

“Shifting the blame on to the Scottish Government after they had extended the spending deadline on two previous occasions shows the extent of how low Mr Samani and his Liberal Democrat colleagues are prepared to go in detracting from their failure, as part of the ruling Angus Council administration, to spend the grant within the extended timescales.

“Other projects around Scotland which won a share of the Town Regeneration fund have been completed, so the question Mr Samani should be asking is,” why Liberal Councillor, David May, as convener of infrastructure services, failed in his duty to ensure the monies were used within the extended deadlines?”

“Why also was a last gasp report which was the last item at the last full council meeting before Christmas brought forward nine days before the December 25 deadline?

“When the first deadline was due to pass and the Scottish Government agreed a generous extension of time why did Councillor May fail to take personal control of the project, when as convener of infrastructure services it falls within his remit and is on his watch?

“As a Brechiner, I share the disappointment of residents in the city that half of the town regeneration money has been withdrawn but this is not helped by puerile misinformation from certain political candidates masquerading as local campaigners.”