Angus Council issue scam warning after Brechin resident targeted

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Brechin residents are being warned to be on their guard for a phone scam that claims their computers are under attack.

Angus Council has highlighted the scam after trading standards officers were contacted by a Brechin resident who received a call from a person claiming to be a Service Control Manager of DNS.

The bogus caller claimed that the resident’s computer was under attack and that someone was illegally using their computer. A trading standards spokesperson said: “The fraudster quoted a very long number which he claimed to be the number of the computer.

“While he states that he does not want any payment for this information, he advised that he will pass the consumer to another company that can help deal with the illegal activity.

“When the consumer asked the caller for details such as their phone number but the fraudster was evasive and stated that he could not do that as a different phone number was generated each time as the call was being made over the internet.”

Although the target of the scam, the Brechin resident was able to avoid falling victim to the incident, and contacted trading standards so that those more vulnerable to scams could be warned.

The spokesperson continued: “While we’re pleased to report that in this case the consumer was knowledgeable about possible scams, she does feel that the caller is sufficiently persuasive and plausible to entrap many others.

“If you know about someone who is at risk or who may have been a scam victim contact Police Scotland on 101 or Angus Council’s trading standards team on 01241 435600.”

For information about financial harm and financial scams call 08452 777 778 and follow the Scam Free Angus team on twitter @scamfreeangus for up to date scam alerts.