Angus crime statistics revealed

Violent crime in Angus has fallen by 25 per cent, with a reduction of 31.8 per cent for serious assaults it has been revealed.

The figures were produced to Angus Council’s Police and Fire and Rescue committee’s scrutiny board on Thursday, November 21.

The drop in violent crime translates to 14 fewer victims, with seven fewer victims of serious assaults.

It was also reported that there was a 66.7 per cent reduction in robberies (four fewer victims).

The figures are the first since the formation of Police Scotland, and cover April 1 to September 30. The incidents are compared with the average from the previous five years.

Tayside Division Commander, Chief Superintendent Hamish MacPherson, said: “These reductions are a positive reflection of their hard work and professionalism, as well as the excellent partnerships that we have with the local authority, other agencies and organisations and, above all, the people of Angus.”

Other figures revealed showed that there were 24 fewer victims of in common assault (a 3.7 per cent reduction). There has also been 298 fewer victims of vandalism, which is a fall of 40.4 per cent.

The same time period has also noted an improved detection rate for offences of serious assault, now up to 93.3 per cent from 84.5 per cent. Detection rates for robbery is at 100 per cent, up from 97.8 per cent.

However, detection rates dropped for common assault, housebreaking and vandalism – 79.9 per cent from 80.7 per cent; 16.9 per cent from 30.7 per cent; 32.8 per cent from 34.1 per cent respectively.

For road crimes, 1473 drivers were detected for speeding, there were 378 seat belt offences and 166 drivers were caught using mobile phones. The number of fatal or serious injuries on Angus roads is higher than the five year average, 35 compared to 29.