Anti-social behaviour

POLICE in Brechin have been receiving complaints about young people using motorbikes, scramblers and similar machines in the area around Andover Primary School and in other locations in and around town.

“Apart from the noise nuisance, often these youngsters are not wearing helmets, are riding on pavements and in areas where they have not been granted permission or where it is illegal to do so,” explains a police spokesperson.

“There is obvious risk to themselves and to other members of the public and we urge parents to ensure that permission has been obtained, helmets are worn and that supervision is on hand.

“Other complaints include children throwing stones and playing football in areas not designated for ball games.

“This has the potential to cause damage to property or injury to others.

“Parents are asked to ensure their children desist from throwing stones and that they play football in the local parks, not in places where damage could be caused to vehicles or property.”