Bid to identify flare culprits

TAYSIDE Police are appealing for information that could help identify individuals responsible for throwing smoke flares at the Brechin City versus Rangers match last Sunday.

Inspector Ally Robertson, Deputy Match Commander, said: “We would like to thank both Brechin and Rangers supporters for making the match a memorable occasion and for their good behaviour.

“The vast majority of the fans were in good spirits and enjoyed the match, however there were a small number of people who tried to disrupt the game by setting off a number of smoke flares.

“As well as the unpleasant nature of these devices, they have the potential to cause panic in the crowd, causing disorientation which may lead to injuries to those attending the event.

“Those with medical conditions including asthma may also find the smoke generated by these items particularly uncomfortable.

“This behaviour will not be tolerated by Tayside Police and we would warn those thinking about bringing such devices to future games not to do so and to consider the safety of themselves and others.

“Be in no doubt robust action will be taken against those committing these offences. Where these reckless individuals are identified they will be charged and reported for the matter and Tayside Police will request Football Banning Orders that will prevent these people from attending all future games in Scotland, not just across Angus.

“We would urge anyone who has information about the individuals who used smoke flares at Glebe Park on Sunday (July 29) to contact Tayside Police on 0300 111 2222.”