Brechin ATM safety initiative

A demonstration of fraudulent ATM attachments was on display at the Hillview community flat on Saturday.

The local community planning team held an open day/information event at the flat at 20 Hillview.

During the event Community Liaison Officer Billy Rattray held an ATM initiative to allow for increased awareness of a number of scams in operation involving ATM machines.

More than 70% of cash in our pockets comes from a cash machine, with eight million cash withdrawals made from them every day.

Although using a cash machine is generally very safe, cash machines - just like wallets, handbags, cars and houses - are sometimes targeted by criminals.

During the event PC Rattray had with him an example of a card skimming device and a pinhole camera, both of which were on display to members of the public.

The skimming device reads the magnetic strip of the card copying the card’s electronic data while the pinhole camera films the customer entering their pin.

Other methods of fraud by ATM include card-trapping devices which are temporarily inserted into a cash machine’s card entry slot by a criminal.

The device traps a customer’s card in the machine, not allowing the transaction to be processed.

The criminal will also attempt to find out the PIN, so customers who do not shield the keypad are much greater risk of this type of fraud than those who do.

Shoulder-surfing, a method where the criminal watches the cardholder enter their PIN, then subsequently steals their card using distraction techniques or pick-pocketing, before using the stolen card and genuine card, is also used.

The Scottish Business Crime Centre explains that when using an ATM machine users should check the cash machine for anything unusual about it, or if there are signs of tampering. If there is something suspicious about the machine do not use it and report it to the bank immediately.