Brechiner’s bomb threat experience

Brechiner Megan Tait, who is in Lexington, South Carolina on an exchange trip, has described being caught up in a bomb threat at White Knoll High School.

America has been the focus of major news coverage after the devastating Boston bombings. However, for Megan, the threat of terror was much closer to home than she expected.

She explained: “As you are aware of, last week’s awful bombings in Boston shocked this nation. It was saddening for us all.

“This week I had a scare even closer to home. Today (Monday) I was dismissed from school, little before noon due to a bomb threat that had been made.

“My whole body was shaking as the announcement went out across the school, I had no clue what was going on.

“Why would we be leaving school? What was I supposed to do?

“I was sent across the road to the church opposite as they evacuated the building and waited until the bus could take me home.

“They treated this threat very seriously, though it was likely a prank call.”

She continued: “It came as such a shock to me, nothing like this had every happened during my time at Brechin and White Knoll has close to 2,000 pupils. It was utter chaos!

“According to other students they’d had a bomb threat before, but this was nothing I’d ever had to worry about. Nothing I could have expected.

“I respect greatly the way that this was dealt with and I am hugely thankful that everyone is okay.

“It just reminds you, exchange students get all experiences, both good and bad.”