Cancer scare scam

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An Angus woman has been the victim of an email scam which falsely claimed she had cancer.

She has shown the Brechin Advertiser a copy of the e mail she received today which claimed blood tests she had taken recently showed that there was a suspicion of cancer and to see her family doctor as soon as possible. The email with the blood test results appeared to have come from NICE - the National Institute for Health Care and Excellence. Noticing the poor grammar and spelling on the e mail made her suspicious and she immediately contacted her GP practice who assured her that blood tests she had taken yesterday showed that her blood count was normal.

Her GP practice contacted NICE to make them aware of the scam e mail and they have subsequently put up a spam warning on their website.

It reads that they have become aware that an e mail is being sent to members of the public regarding cancer test results.

It continues “Please be assured that this e mail is not from NICE and we are investigating.”

It warns people not to open any attachments and notifies anyone concerned that updates will be made on their website throughout the day and via Twitter.

The woman is keen that no-one else is upset by what she says is the “depravity” of this e mail, especially anyone older or vulnerable.