Charity scam

A BRECHIN woman has told of a fake charity collection scam she has been warned about.

Mrs Jennifer Martin, of Latch Road, Brechin, is chairperson for the Brechin branch of Macmillan Cancer Support. She received notification from her office in Dundee about the scam.

Fake fliers have been handed out in different parts of the UK pertaining to be from Macmillan Cancer Support, but are actually forgeries.

The fliers contain information telling residents to leave donations on their doorsteps on certain days. They are then collected by fake collection agents, presumably with the intention of then selling the goods on.

At first glance the fliers look legitimate. However, they can be identified as fakes through the following means: The use of Macmillan’s Glasgow address, rather than the Dundee one which is used for this area. Also the misspelling of the word “quoting”, appearing as “quothing” on the right hand side of the flier.

Members of the public are asked to notify police if they notice any fliers with these discrepencies on them. If you have any doubt, Macmillan can be contacted at their Dundee office on 01382 226150.