Child behaviour issues reported

Several complaints have been received from members of the public and local businesses relating to the behaviour of a number of children both during the day going to and from school, whilst on lunch break and outwith school hours.

These complaints include acts of intimidation, threats, verbal abuse, vandalism and littering.

Tayside Police would like to point out to parents in particular that this type of anti- social behaviour will not be tolerated and if anyone is subject to acts of this type, they are encouraged to notify any police officer or attend at Brechin Police Office to report the circumstances.

Tayside Police promote a zero tolerance approach with regards to any type of anti-social behaviour and anyone having to be warned about their behaviour on more than one occasion will be forwarded a letter to their parents or they may be the subject of a report to the Children’s Reporter or the Procurator Fiscal if they continue to offend.

With this in mind, it is requested that parents in the local community speak to their children and discourage them from becoming involved in any such activity.

Tayside Police non-emergency number is 0300 111 2222. Crimestoppers number is 0800 555 111.